Monday, November 19, 2012

  1. Retell a scene of your choosing from chapter 1. You can choose to tell this scene from any character’s perspective. You can choose to retell a short scene, but it should be in depth enough to reflect the feelings and emotions of the characters involved.
(Jims perspective) Bottom of page 8 into page 9) I slid into dis’ young fellers’ tent wit dat little private following.  “Thats all right. You can believe me or not, jest as you like. All you gotta do is to sit down and wait as quiet as you can. Then pretty soon you’ll find out I was right.” I said triumphantly. The little private grunted stubbornly. Finally the little runt replied. “Well you don't know everything in the world, do ya?” “Didn't say I did” I snapped. I started puttin the articles in my pack.The little feller looked down at me. “Goin to be a battle, sure is there Jim?” He asked Nervously. “O course there is,” I replied “ You jest wait til tomorrow and you'll see the biggest battles there ever was.” I was thinking about tomorrow and what is going to happen.

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