Thursday, November 29, 2012

At the end of the novel, we have a golden ray break through the clouds, which we can see as the internal change within Henry. Do you think that he was redeemed at the end of the novel?

I think Henry was redeemed because he became selfless by charging into the battle in the front and not running from danger. He also lets Wilson capture the confederate flag and dosen't fight for it and try to be a hero or have all the glory. He also regrets his thoughts and actions with the tattered solider by leaving him to die, and thinking war was all about glory. After the last battle, he wonders if he and Wilson and himself were okay, not just himself. Henry has changed and he has redeemed himself, in that he no longer just cares about himself, dosen't just think war is about glory and honor, and regrets leaving the tattered solider to die.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Retell the scene where where Henry pries the flag from Wilson during the battle? Be sure to explain what thoughts would be going through Henry’s mind. Did he choose to get the flag because of pride for his country or for himself

Retell the scene where where Henry pries the flag from Wilson during the battle? Be sure to explain what thoughts would be going through Henry’s mind. Did he choose to get the flag because of pride for his country or for himself

We charged into battle. As we ran bullets rained down upon us. It was a bullet storm. Men were falling in screams of pain, jut to be trampled underfoot. As I ran with Wilson, the flag bearer dropped in a moan of agony. "This is my chance," I thought. "I can finally prove to those imbeciles of generals that i'm not no mule driver. As I throw down my gun and grab the flag, I feel a resistance on it. I look up to stare into the face of Wilson. "Give it here!" i say annoyed as he gives it a tug. "No you give it!" He yells back. I yank it from his hands and run toward the enemy lines. "Come on," I yell "We gotta push!" As I see the remaining men, I realize that the charge is a fail. "Get to cover! Get to some cover yeh lunk heads!" I yell as the remaining men wander around, lost in the clouds of smoke. As I found the cover of a tree, the rest of the regiment regrouped. "We gotta get outta here!" I said. We fought until it was clear to run. Then we ran our behinds off.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Do you think Henry deserves the praise he received in ch. 17?

Do you think Henry deserves the praise he received in ch. 17?

I think he does deserve the praise he gets because he was fighting like a maniac. If he was just sluggish or ran, his regiment would likely lose because the morale of his regiment would plummet and if everyone sees Henry fighting like a mad man, people would get inspired and any qualms or fear would disappear. If you see someone fighting, you become no longer afraid and become a killer and a warrior.  If everyone fights, it is extremely helpful for morale and you would likely win the battle. So, yes, Henry does deserve this praise because he is now in the state of a ferocious killer, which all armies need to win wars.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Share your opinion of Henry. Make sure to cite specific evidence from the text.

I personally think Henry is a coward and a jerk. He ran from battle just because he thought he was going to die. You are supposed to go go into a battle thinking you will die and be happy if you don’t. He knows his actions are wrong and still tries to justify himself by throwing a pine cone at a squirrel and see it’s reaction. Also, he leaves a man to die in a field while in a fight of moral with himself. He is so scared of dying, he leaves others to die and fights with himself. He even hoped his own regiment to lose the battle! Henry sounds like a jerk and a coward.
Write a eulogy for Jim. Make sure to connect it to Henry’s experience with Jim. You are taking the perspective of Henry, so make it personal.

It's so easy to see someone slip through your fingers and lose them...forever. Jim was no exception. He was brave, and gave the air of confidence that so many soldiers needed. He stood and fought when others ran like cowards. He was a true hero. He will be in our hearts and will be missed.

  1. Retell any of the following scenes from Henry’s perspective
    1. Henry’s feelings marching to the battle
    2. Henry’s thoughts fleeing from the battle
    3. Henry’s thoughts hearing that his side had held back the enemy after fleeing.

(Marching to battle) We marched to the sound of fighting. There was gunfire everywhere and Cannons sounded. We marched into a thicket of bushes as cannon fire exploded behind us. “Alright, lets do this! We got this!” I thought. I was trying to make myself feel better because I knew I might not return. Our captain shouted something but I lost it in the subsequent cannon fire. I started shooting and became machine like. I just kept reloading and shooting. “We held em! I say we held em!” Shouted the captain. I breathed a sigh of relief. We held them. It was over..for now.

  1. Retell a scene of your choosing from chapter 1. You can choose to tell this scene from any character’s perspective. You can choose to retell a short scene, but it should be in depth enough to reflect the feelings and emotions of the characters involved.
(Jims perspective) Bottom of page 8 into page 9) I slid into dis’ young fellers’ tent wit dat little private following.  “Thats all right. You can believe me or not, jest as you like. All you gotta do is to sit down and wait as quiet as you can. Then pretty soon you’ll find out I was right.” I said triumphantly. The little private grunted stubbornly. Finally the little runt replied. “Well you don't know everything in the world, do ya?” “Didn't say I did” I snapped. I started puttin the articles in my pack.The little feller looked down at me. “Goin to be a battle, sure is there Jim?” He asked Nervously. “O course there is,” I replied “ You jest wait til tomorrow and you'll see the biggest battles there ever was.” I was thinking about tomorrow and what is going to happen.